UNVCPAD is the first non Venture Capitalist Launchpad

No more projects dumping on retail

Quality Projects

Say bye! to Cash Grab projects with no real value, imagine getting into LUNA, RUNE, ETH, DOT, AVAX at presale prices

100% Community

Stop being dumped on, VC's get the best prices, Retail is always late to the party imagine all projects token owned by the community

No KYC, No Restrictions, Higher Allocations

Don't miss the next 1000x project just because you are in a restricted area, No KYC, Projects token allocation won't be just $5 like other launchpads

Token-Less Launchpad, No Tiers

Launchpad with a token limits Allocations, Un-fair allocation depending on how much token you can have, invest in the project instead of the launchpad


Retail needs to win, We pick quality projects, Tokens less makes it more fair, VC can't use normal user for exit liquidity, we want people to win

Multi Chain

Get into highest quality projects on multi-chains, We are limitless, Quality always guaranteed


Help the Only Launchpad for the Retail

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